a series of mixed media abstracts

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the inspiration

Pure freedom. Everything I had in my brain was poured out onto these panels. I held nothing back. I started each painting with a color palette in mind, then let it develop naturally.

the materials

Anything I could get my hands on and attach to the panel. I got creative with what I had in my studio. Materials used in this series include acrylic, watercolor, spray paint, paper, marker, ink, and a crushed palette of blush that broke when I dropped it.  

the purpose

To challenge you to let some color into your life and see how it affects you. Also, I want you to slow down and really look deep into these paintings. I work in so many layers; you never know what surprises hide underneath.

bold, expressive art for a colorful & happier home

The Neighborhood Pond 12x12

Raining at 2 AM 12x12

Flowers From The Market 12x12

Flying Solo 18x24

Candy Store Dates 24x30

So Fetch 12x12

Jellyfish Travels 24x30

December in Montreal 30x40

Two Stuffed Snowballs, Please 12x12

Party Favors 18x24

Expensive Taste 12x12

Seaside in October 20x24